California Here We Are, San Fran


In San Francisco we had one night where we ran to three shows in downtown San Fran, Haight Street, & Oakland. It was an exciting night. The shows got progressively better, but it was fun show hopping. The Punchline, the major comedy club in San Fran has Sunday nights where lots of local comics can perform. It is a nice opportunity. It’s kind of like late night except up and comers get up during the regular show, not after the show. A slew of comics hang out there in the hopes of getting up. So it’s an opportunity to get stage time as well as hang out. In San Fran, we stayed with friends who had a 12 month old (and a three large dogs). We also hung out with my friend who has a 2 and a half year old so we were catching the life cycle in hyper fast mode.

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