Shocker, a comedian moves to Astoria


How original, another comic is moving to Astoria. I have a tendency to go against the grain so somehow moving to Astoria is a good thing. I am fighting my tendency to self sabatoge. Not quite sure how but I know this is the correct move. An added perk the gentleman friend lives nearby, but I had Astoria on the mind before I had met him. So it wasn’t because of him. Ahem, entirely. I am not going to get up as much as I would like this week but I will do my best. Sometimes life is allowed to get in the way. And moving is fucking stressful. I’d say maybe it will give me good material, but for now it’s just a pain. But it will be worth it, this is the year of new beginnings. I’ve never worked harder or been more motivated and happier in my life. I am finding my way. Damn it. Get Up: 1x

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