Goodbye LES hello Corona Lite


Today I packed up my final items from Broome st including a single Corona lite. What can I say I don’t like just throwing out $1.50.  Even if that means I am shlepping the bottle around all day. I guess that is part of the perks of being a bag lady. To be   contradictory I am putting off returning a $69 amazon purchase. I hate finding packaging and worse going to the post office. I am ridiculous I know.

I wrote this morning. I was down and figured it would be a good thing. I was inspired to write about how much I hate weddings. I created a few lines of which I’m not so sure I am sold on.


It looks like I might be meeting a comedy coach to go over writing which I could use a lot of help in. He charges $150 I said my budget was $50-$75 we agreed on $100. That’s show biz for you.


Tonight I had a show at Broadway Comedy club. I was looking at my notes in the back and the producer told me to be in the room aka put your notes away. Insert bratty child: even though I wasn’t the only one looking at notes!

That’s the second time I’ve gotten that ‘note’. It’s confusing because so much of the comedian etiquette involves not paying attention to other comics and focusing on your notes. The answer is that behavior is not kosher during a show. Eek. Duly noted.

I ran the mic at the Creek. There was only 12 people so it didn’t last long. It feels lonely because their other mics get 50+ comics. It’d be nice to find a happy medium.


I find the shorter mics ie: 3 minute mics are better because you are only workshopping your new material opposed to just performing your bit. It distinguishes the pros from the non pros. There is only so much new material you’re creating in a day so really 3 minutes is enough to explore that. I understand the philosophy. I gave people an extra minute and many of them didn’t even take it. A sign of a pro!

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