On The Road

I am exRoadhausted as I write this. I traveled four hours by Greyhound bus to Cheshire Ct for a spot. I had wanted to do some writing/work on the bus, but that was impossible.  I was way to nauseous with the bus going back and forth to accomplish anything. There were four accidents on the road and gridlock traffic the entire way out there. It only took an hour and a half to drive home.  I was allotted 10-12 minutes of stage time of which I did 8 minutes and 30 seconds (ish). After the “scarring” experience at Carolines, I wanted to only do material that I felt if not confident, then comfortable doing. I had another 2 minutes of material that I had intended to do, but out of excitement or forgetfulness or nerves I didn’t do it.

I opened for a comedian I respect so that raised the stakes for me and I was anxious about it the entire bus ride up. I need to learn to nip this anxiousness in the bud as its really taking away the joy. I guess its part of the process. Afterall, I am anxious for a reason- this is all very new to me. At least I’m back in the game.

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