Opportunity Knocks… A Couple of Times


When it rains it pours. Ok fine maybe it’s just drizzling, but at least it’s not the sahara desert in the land of Michelle. Enough with the metaphors let’s get down to it. In the blogpost Customized┬áComedy Consulting I mentioned a gig I was asked to help produce. The first stage of the project is just about complete and the second phase is next, which will require an enormous amount of work. A synagogue approached me about producing a comedy show for Purim and possibly again in the summer. I got booked at a new comedy club, to MC their comedy show and a host their Karaoke night. I briefly spoke with a hip medium size comedy production company about working for them. A theater organization would like me to produce a comedy benefit with comedians from a popular TV show. These are a lot of exciting potential opportunity and they are exactly what I would like to be doing. Who knows which of them will actually come to pass, but the prospects of them are exciting.

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