Shit I’ll Do for “Free Wifi” – Swiss Alps


I’m in a quaint sleepy village in the Swiss Alps during peak tourist season. I find the only coffee shop in town which offers free wifi along with a food purchase. The only item of intrigue is a $7 bottle of water. I don’t like paying $1.50 at home for a bottle of water, so imagine how I feel staring at a midget sized bottle of “I’m a sucker tourist” water.

Next to the beverage prices was a list of mountain and river adventure activities; I love water sports. I also didn’t want to exchange Euros for Swiss Francs knowing I was leaving the country in the morning. And just like that, I knew how I would spend my time in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland, white water rafting! Without having to purchase Swiss Francs, I swiped my Visa card and let the adventures begin. The cafe wound up not charging me for the bottle of tourist water, and so for the low low price of $115, I purchased “free” wifi and a white water rafting trip down the Black Lutschine!

The crew consisted of Australians, Koreans, American Ex-pats and a Swiss tour guide. He was the first Swiss I had seen in Switzerland. Otherwise, the town is full of seasonal Australians. The expression “mate” is starting to grow on me. Do you think we can bring that expression to the States? Probably not, bro.

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