Come to France for our Starbucks Coffee!


Yes, I hit up the sites: le Eiffel, Notre Dame, Arc De Triumph, but in between all these stops were not so romantique realities such as needing le toilette, AC, and wifi. One local brassiere had internet that was password protected. I asked the waiter for the password and he had the nerve to tell me to use the free wifi at Starbucks across the street, even though I was a patron of his restaurant. I wanted to walk out immediately, but I had already ordered my crepe, and let’s be honest I didn’t shlep to Paris for their Starbucks Frappucinos. So I did something that would make my father proud. I expressed my opinion even though no one gave a shit. I asked the waiter to tell the owner that it’s outrageous to charge tourist prices, $15 for a crepe, and not allow customers to use their wifi. I proclaimed I work for Frommers Travel Guide, the premier travel guide of the USA! I’m not sure the waiter knew Frommers from fromage, but my point was made (politely). I still gave the waiter a fair tip, it wasn’t his fault and I can handle 5-10% of the bill.

With that, I am including a totally unrelated photo. I wanted to put Le Eiffle Tower in between a baguette. My new friend from Colombia, Laura Gutierrez, took many shots in an attempt to make it happen. It worked, err kinda, not really. Please excuse my coffee stain and overall homeless-like appearance; I was very jet lagged and hardly a human during most of the day.

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