too-tiredI’m tired. I have a new job that is 25 hours a week (most comics have full time jobs). In addition to freelance jobs. Oh and I’m a comedian which involves late nights.  I need to figure out a balance. Today I had a few hours in between my job and running an 11pm mic. Fortunately or unfortunately my job is right next to the mic, so it didn’t make sense for me to go home.

I brought my laptop with me and planned to park it at a coffee shop until showtime so I pretty much had no where to go. Unfortunately, coffee shops aren’t open late in this neighborhood. So, I had to sit in a sexy restaurant with wifi to do my work. I think management kept dimming the lights not for the sake of ambience, but instead to get me and my laptop out of their restaurant. I’m tired, embarrassed and feel like a well dressed homeless person.

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