Where have you been?


It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I feel like a slacker cracker. It started with babysitting my niece and nephew and not getting up this past Saturday night. I felt down that day. If I’m not getting up, I’m not progressing and in turn feeling down.

Yesterday I wanted sexy time with the fella, but the request was delivered at an inopportune time. Upon rejection, I did 3 mics, a close second to hanky panky.


Since I got passed at the Strip I have been doing less mics. I feel like a spot with 8 audience members who have survived 3+ hrs of comedy is more useful than a mic with 20 comics half listening half checking out your legs. I dunno maybe it’s an excuse.

I’m off to my favorite mic which is the mic at the Creek N’ the Cave that I host. I just get silly willy on the microphono and call it how I think it. It doesn’t often make sense, but it makes me happy and lord knows that is important. Which is more important than the rest of the bullshit.

Meet Drink Laugh is coming up Thursday and lord knows I have been putting in the hours. I’m vying for a few celebrity drop-ins, but since drop-ins get me flustered I’ll be more than ok if it’s business as usual. Of course if they come…

Get Up 1x


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