You Know Your a Budget Traveler When…. (Florence)


I was at a karaoke bar in Florence filled with wedge wearing tourists belting American standards such as “Sex is on Fire”. With no Italian man eye candy in the near or far vicinity, I found solace in ordering alcohol with friends. The waiter delivered the tower of booze with a fire-cracker glistening at the top. One would think we purchased a bottle in a VIP section, but no it was $32 worth of beer at the Brother Jimmy’s of Italy. Needless to say, I didn’t last long at the bar and soon left. Mom, you’ll be pleased to know I hardly drank half a cup of beer. On the way home, I managed to pass by an outdoor production of Roberto Benini (sp) doing an adaption of “Dante’s Inferno”, this at least made me feel like like I managed to squeeze an oz of culture/class into the evening.


Speaking of class and culture, included is a sculpture in Florenzo, a little to true to life if you ask me.

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