8 Degrees Out


It was 8 degrees out and I did not want to go to a mic or to Late Night. I can endure many hardships and I am not afraid to wear 3 layers of clothing, but 8 degrees is rather intimidating. To paraphrase a well known quote, “the difference between a professional and an amateur is that an amateur does what he loves when he wants, whereas a professional does what he loves when he doesn’t feel like doing it.” So yes even though I REALLY didn’t want to- I went to Late Night. I was very surprised there were 13 other comics. Maybe the comics thought other comics wouldn’t be there so they went in the hopes of getting a good spot? Maybe comics are lonely? Maybe they are professionals, probably both.

I was proud of myself for persevering and wound up having a really good set, possibly the best in the year I have been grinding it out. The comics sitting in the back of the showroom literally slapped me five. I have the audio, but the video didn’t record. That is my excuse for not uploading the clip to this post.

The whole experience of battling whether to go or not to go was a good reminder that it’s important to take a night/day off. So I have made a plan to take a night off towards the end of the month, but in writing this I am realizing I should do it before then. And so I am going to a high school reunion next week. Is that a night off or another form of work? TBD!

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