Own Your Own Space


There is a Mic Club that has the feeling of summer camp. ¬†It’s very supportive. Everyone stays up late as if it were the last night of camp. To kick off the mic the host, Sacha¬†Chavez, recites a chant (he’s of Native American origin so his chant is all the more significant) about the importance of owning your own space. We take a glass, lift it up and then down tapping the floor with the glass, a symbolic gesture of owning your space.

I have a room for myself. In the world of stand-up comedy that is a highly coveted because it means you can get as much stage time as possible. Stage time is an important ingredient to becoming a strong comic and it’s a premium because there isn’t enough of it! So let me take a moment to appreciate the fact that I have a room.

I MC’ed my show recently and towards the end the audience was getting chatty. I had passed around the donation bucket, which is equivalent to the check spot and people were losing focus as they contributed money. That is understandable, but I needed to bring the room back to normal before bringing up the next comic. I was not able to do so, I did not own the room.

On the bright side I did come up with a save line the next time a room gets slightly out of control “what is this a protest, a rally” and there is always “shut up”.

After the show that got out of hand, I realized the importance of the chant and to always remember to own your own space.

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