Birthday Party Show

The purpose of a birthday party is to celebrate you! Celebrate your life!  One of the benefits of a birthday party show is it’s a good excuse to get your friends to come out and see you perform. Unfortunately having friends in the audience makes me nervous! Performing for strangers is one thing, but your friends – you have to see again! Also one of my bits is about a friend of mine’s wedding so part of me doesn’t want her to come because I don’t want her to get mad. But another part of me is like I need butts in the seats you bettah come bitch!
Well I got butts in the seats, but the butts were pretty tight…meaning the crowd wasn’t very responsive or fun. To be honest I had a nice time, but I don’t know that I want to host a birthday party show next year. I was too nervous that no one would show up. People did show up, but a large part of me still feels like I have no friends.  I should look at things positively and say well a good 40 people came out to celebrate me, so that counts for something in fact it counts for a lot. Quit yo’ bitchin’ girl (that’s me talking to myself).

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