Masq Bar Closed  

I didn’t find out from the owner, but the waitresses were gossiping and apparently Masq Bar was closing. A large part of me was relieved because it was pressure to keep the show running–the pressure of booking comics, communicating with ticketing services and promoting the show outweighed the benefits of getting stage time. I like the “power” that comes with producing, but ultimately am I trying to be a producer or a comedian? I would like to be both, but a show like at Masq Bar I couldn’t see it growing to the next level financially so as a producer it didn’t seem worth it and as a comedian it was a pain in the booty.  In retrospect, the cancellation of the show could have been a blessing. I had offered to buy the bar’s sound system, but the price they were willing to sell it for wasn’t worth it. A large part of me wanted to just buy the equipment because it was somewhat of a deal and you never know when I could need it, but considering I didn’t need it don’t know when I could ever need it– I opted not to purchase it. Anyway, it would be a lot to store and I have no desire to become a hoarder (unless it would give me good material). The question now is where am I going to perform on Tuesday nights? Looks like I’m back to the mic scene.


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