Bye Bye Open Mic



I am officially no longer running my weekly mic. I ran the mic for just over a year and well it’s time to say goodbye. I don’t want to say I outgrew it, but I tried different tactics to keep the mic interesting for me. I had a friend co-run it, but she eventually decided it wasn’t worthwhile for her. Then I had someone run the 2nd half of the mic so I would only be there part of the time.  This friend eventually couldn’t run the 2nd half. So I found someone else. Last week was the tipping point. There were a few special shows running and so the mic started at 11:30pm– 30 minutes late. The deal with the person I shared the mic with was at 11:45pm she takes over and runs the mic. So I literally called up the first round of comics and then passed over the mic to her. It felt weird like I was either cheating the mic or myself or I’m not sure, but someone yelled out to me “DO YOUR JOB”. Which was totally obnoxious, it’s a free mic, and when I leave doesn’t affect anything, but it jolted me into making the decision that had been on my mind for months. And so I let the mic go. I didn’t make a post on Facebook or make an announcement at the mic. I did the ol’ Irish goodbye. Minus this blog post. I’ll still hang at the club and go to the mic, but it just won’t be my mic anymore and I am (mostly) ok with that.

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