Late Night Audition 

LNGNI am fortunate that I have been passed at one comedy club for their “late night” portion of the show. In order to perform at late you night you have to wait  anywhere from an hour to to almost 2 hours for 5 minutes of stage time at midnight.  I am grateful to have the option of performing at late night, but I have been going less and less because I have been producing more and more shows.
That being said, a new club has announced they are offering late night and I waited on a line for 2 hours in order to get an audition date which will be in 8 months. Part of me thinks, I am not using the late night I currently have why do I want another one? But part of me doesn’t want to miss an opportunity and for that reason I waited on line for 2 hours to audition for something I may or may not want. That’s showbiz.

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