California Here We Go, Sacramento

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I just came back from a two week adventure to California. At first I wasn’t excited to leave New York, but I felt optimistic about the vacation. First stop was Sacramento where I stayed, ok we stayed, (I was with my boyfriend the whole time) with friends. Somehow, it feels wrong to write “I” instead of “we”, since his presence was a seminal part of the trip. Oy, I have become that person who uses we instead of I. Well let’s just hope I don’t drop the line “my boyfriend, my boyfriend” every chance I can get. Yeesh. Our host had a 6 month old baby and hanging with babies became a throughline for the trip. We did non comedy related activities such as a wine tasting, going to the California State Fair, and a highlight was picking grapefruits and rosemary from our host’s garden! Sacramento was a surprisingly enjoyable time. We checked out the comedy scene which was also surprisingly fun. I raced around town and did a club spot at Laughs Unlimited which was a hit! It felt nice to do well in a club. Then drove, yes drove, to an independent show in a black box theater that had a cool vibe to it. We were only in town for 2 nights which was perfect. Sacramento was a hit.

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