Cool Female Comic

imagesI met a female comic who is just cool. She’s funny, she’s pretty, she’s a mom and get this– she’s thin. The woman has it going on! She was talking to a younger comic saying she just is too tired to go down to, insert prestige club here, to try and get a spot. Meanwhile the younger comic was drooling at the thought of performing at this club (and drooling at her). She explained, I come into the city from the suburbs and I want to make more than my babysitter gets. At a certain point in one’s career I don’t know that the drive lessens or life gets in the way, but comedy becomes more and more like a job. What she was describing is exactly what I have a feeling I will go through if I wind up having a family. Hearing her talk was like looking in a pretend mirror of the future, err a very attractive pretend mirror.

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