Comedy High

Man Running Reaching Finish LineRunners speak of the runners high, but for me, there isn’t a greater high than getting on stage and making a large group of strangers laugh. Unity through comedy. Michelle gets attention. Michelle feels powerful. Michelle affects the lives of others, if only for a few minutes at a time. What a high! But what happens all those other times when you don’t grasp their attention, you don’t make them laugh. You bomb.You feel powerless.

As a new-comer on the standup comedy scene I’m all too familiar with the latter. But I had a special night.  I performed at Gotham Comedy club to a large audience and I did well! The producer of the show who booked me saw me do well!  I was proud of myself, which is one of my new year resolutions – to celebrate my accomplishments. While riding the wave of excitement I went to the Comic Strip for late night and there was another large crowd and I had a good night!

This is the reward for all those rough nights grinding it out. But always stay humble, tomorrow is a new day.


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