Top 5 List for the New Year


It’s a new year. I should practice writing the correct year: 2015, 2015, 2015! I have memories of writing the wrong year on checks after New Years and my dad being mad at me. So they say this is the time to reflect on the year, your life etc… that along with listening to my sets are probably my least favorite things to do.
Some people I know make excel spreadsheets documenting their comedy journey; I have tried that approach, but after less than a month the project was abandoned. I know how I’m doing; it’s a gut feeling for me. Like when I was acting, when the director would give me feedback I didn’t really hear what he said, I felt it and would adjust accordingly. My emotions and sensitivity are how I compute, process and react to the world. Note for next year, I should try to listen better. To generally summarize this year:
January-ish I was coming out of a big depression
February-ish I had an epic night with a comic; think laying in a blanket of white snow in Washington Square Park, connecting and talking about comedy. That night symbolized my slow return to comedy and the beginning of taking it seriously and treating it like a job.
March & April-ish mid tears (side effects from arising out of the big D err depression) I trucked on doing stand-up open mics. There was a specific mic where I just totally cried on stage. I made my self return the next week to do the mic again. I may not be made of steel, but I will still fight to the end. I produced Meet Drink Laugh after an 8 month hiatus. I visited my friend in LA and did mics there, mid tears, oy my poor friend.
May-ish I got passed at the Comic Strip and began working there 4 nights a week.
June-ish I had my Tuesday Nights at Solas. I began the most serious relationship in the history of Michelle and as an added bonus because of him my punch lines got a lot punchier. I was in a good place, possibly the best place of my life.
July I took my class with Wali Collins and began my relationship with the Manhattan Comedy School. I started this blog!
August– I took my final stand-up comedy class (with Laughing Buddha) and put my parents through their last club bringer. But there will always be Michelle produced bringers 🙂
September– I started the Masq Qomedy Show and learned about working with ticketing services. I had my first legit spot on the Gotham Comedy Stage. I produced another Meet Drink Laugh Event. and performed at Caroline’s for the first time.
October: Developed a sense of swag. In terms of comedy climbing I went from open mic-er to late nighter who books shows
November:  I had my biggest bomb which could be my famous bomb story. Granted it wasn’t AS bad as I thought, it was still epic. Houston Improv- urban room 2014.
December: I hosted a Jewish Theater conference in DC. Had a few up and down days, but consistently am in the best place of my life.
Top 5 Things To Work On For 2015
1. Celebrate one positive accomplishment each week
2. Control emotions by taking a breathe before reacting
3. Appreciate what I have such as my health, relationships, & persevearance by writing a weekly gratitude list
4. Stay Consistent ie: write, practice mindfulness, workout, perform, & spend time with family
5. Listen Better if I find myself in my head quick get out!

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