Dachau – Germany


Is it odd that after visiting other concentration camps, I’m kind of used to them? You read the signs and look at the maps of what was there and how it looked, but it’s sometimes hard to re-imagine, when all you see is empty space. We stopped into Dachau as a break from an 8 hour drive from Austria to Germany, I was still in sleeping mode, but being there just reaffirmed what I already strongly connect to, my Jewish identity. At Dachau they re-created the sleeping barracks and I remember stories from when visiting Sachsenhausen with my AJC trip to Berlin

The Top Deck tour guide gave us an overview of German history and in talking about WW2 he mentioned the gypsies and homosexuals who were brought over to the camps, but hardly mentioned the Jews. It was weird. We are sleeping in a castle in the Rhine valley which is cool, but doors lock at 10pm so it’s kind of a castle/prison.



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