Sometimes You Have To Create Your Own Fun – Austria

We stayed in a small town in the Austrian Mountains called Kirchdorff the evening of their “big” summer nacht party! For the entrance of three euros there was a live band who played recognizable hits such as “Achy Breaky Heart”, stands selling fried bread, beer, fried donuts, beer, and lots adolescents. They had a homemade wheel of fortune type game where I won €20 euros, but also spent a good €8-10 on playing before winning. Whenever I lost, the three toothed Austrian man running the game said “bad luck” and offered me a kiss as a consolation prize, wouldn’t that be a prize for him?

Since there were was not a ton to do at the festival, I did what anyone, slightly off their rocker, would do, I took pictures with the locals. Some with leaderhosen, some without. The goal was to get pictures with as many youngsters as possible and in doing so I met the Austrian Harry Potter! He wasn’t really Harry Potter, but his friends sure got a kick out of it when I kept saying “Harry Potter, Harry Potter” with a Spanish accent and snapped a photo.

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