Facebook Check-in

imgresI don’t like it when people name drop in conversations, but sometimes it’s just necessary. I do think there is a couth way of going about it. The same principle goes for checking in on Facebook your stand-up comedy spots. On one hand, no one likes a braggart, on the other hand it’s important that people in the biz know that I’m working. Let them know that I am a professional getting booked at legit professional venues. But, oy how often do you have to toot your own horn? There is also the theory that if you are performing every night then the people that you want to know you are getting spots already know because they are getting them as well.  For the time being I have decided that every time I get a spot at a legit comedy club I will post about it on Facebook. Truth be told, it’s not that often, so I don’t have to worry about it being egregious.  Done. Decided.

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