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I’m doing the hustle and sometimes the hustle hurts… is that why they call it the grind? I got up twice- once at the Creek and the Cave and then at the 17 John St mic. I did a quick getaway from the last mic because a friend said I “might” get up at a bar show. After a whirlwind I get to the show to be told there isn’t enough space.  Truth is, I wouldn’t have done well in the room. As a comedian, to bomb is to learn, but from a producers perspective to bomb is not good. I respect the producers decision to not put me up. This is all assuming ‘there was no room’ meant no room for me. Disclosure this could all be in my head. I know where I’m at and have no delusions of grandeur. I’ll get there when I get there. But in the meantime I feel like a dud. Big time. Or in Seth Godin “Linchpin” speak dispensable. Facetime x2

Now, I’m back to my original plan which was to support a new comic friend who will be running my door. I’m waiting for the bus deeeep in Brooklyn.  Thankfully my mom doesn’t use the internet to know this so she won’t be too worried. Even if I catch the tail end of the show (not that I would watch the show anyway, you’re supposed to just hang) that shows support.

The show was over, but I’m super glad I went. This comedian put up a kick ass show- it was in his backyard!  He had serious equipment  from speakers to lights to a sweet video camera. We watched the B-Roll and it was hot. This kid is on the right track and I’m pumped to work with him. Added bonus he got an MFA in film. Hollah… this is a good ally for the hustle-oh and he’s funny and talented. Hey, it is a business after-all. Facetime x2

Going to the Lantern since the boyfriend has a 12:15pm spot. Yes the hustle continues.  This counts as face time x3. Getting tired. Hopefully one day this running around will be to spots. And then one day farther away to paid spots. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The point is I’m training myself for the lifestyle.

This is not a food blog but the late night hustle involves late night eating and I’m trying to be mindful of not developing the comedian beer/pizza stomach. I already got my own pooch and am not interested in adding onto it. I have conscioustently eaten healthy this week to have a day of fun eating ie: the infamous late night pizza. So tonight is that night of fun. Late night pizza it’s you and me baby. Get Up: 2x

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