My Open Mic- Rapid Fire

imagesI did a 10 minute storytelling mic and got 2 solid laughs. A bore for those listening but great for moi!

I used that joke at the new 11pm mic I host. This is my third time hosting the mic and I do it every Tuesday at 11:00pm at the Creek and the Cave. The new jokes worked at the mic but not as well as when I created them spontaneously. This week I will focus on how to re-create those two jokes. When I host my best laughs come from being silly on the on the mic like when I introduced a comedian named Moe as “not a shmo, won’t take any hoe, clap it up for Mo!!” In turn when Moe got on the mic he riffed and said actually, “I’ll take any ho” which was hilarious. Having fun is fun. Get Up 2x

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