Late Night @ Strip


I’m exhausted isn’t that part of the grind. The owner of the Comic Strip and I get along nicely. He once asked a bunch of us late nighters if we had any marketing ideas for renting out the club during the daytime. I don’t know why more people didn’t take him up on brainstorming ideas. I suggested he rent it to theater companies who need a rehearsal space… like Ripley Grier Studios. I showed him different websites where he could advertise like Backstage. In turn he has put me up early on the late night list.

After that conversation Richie watched my set, he rarely watches sets. When I saw him enter the showroom,  I quickly changed my material and did the tantric massage and orgasm bits, because that is my stronger material.

When we chatted today he told me not to do dick jokes. Damn it why did I change course? He also told me stories about how he asked Chris (Rock) why he moved around so much on stage and after that conversation Chris got a spot light to follow his walking.

Jeff Garlin wanted to quit the business. Richie sat him in the office and explained why he should stay. Years later Jeff thanked much of his career to Richie and Richie had no recollection of the conversation.

He’s starting to repeat stories to me which is a good thing because I have trouble remembering.


Richie asked what’s my goal with all this I said I like to produce. He said that’s good because all these comics who want a sitcom are nuts. It’s a dying field. He is in his 70’s a cancer survivor and is as sharp as they make’m.

I’m typing this on the train and apparently the N train has been getting bed bugs. I’m feeling paranoid, exhausted and itchy.


I’m going to an Ashram tomorrow for meditation and yoga I hope to not return more tense because I wasn’t able to relax!



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