Michelle’s Vlog

Michelle’s Vlog

I am starting a Vlog to be combined with my Blog. Some much logging I should be a woodsman…. ay-oooooh!

I came up with the Vlog idea while at an Ashram this past weekend in Monroe, New York. An ashram is  a spiritual hermitage for meditation and yoga or in my opinion, an ashram is a place for white indian wanna-bes to eat curry.

Overall, my weekend away was really positive. I had been feeling crappy about the slo-ow process of developing material. I’m an immediate gratification player and at this point in stand-up comedy my strength is in performing; my joke writing skills are still in development. If this were the SATs then English is equivalent to performing and Math is joke writing. Continuing the SAT similie, then with hard work and overpriced private tutors I will get into the U of Michigan of comedy… and that is OK with me!

While in the Ashram, I was able to reflect and see how far I’ve come. I’m not comparing myself to a talented 20-something year old I know who just taped her 1 hr to a sold out house. No, it’s strictly comparing myself to myself 7 months ago when I couldn’t get out of bed. This doesn’t mean that now I’m going to stop working and get back in bed (though it is tempting)– it just means I can allow myself to take a breath and appreciate where I’ve been and where I’m going. Hey Maya, wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.  🙂

While in the ashram I decided I will ship (Seth Godin’s Linchpin*) a vlog or some sort of comedic content in my newsletter. The vlog will be called Michelle’s Verbal Valium. It’s a term my friend coined and she went to Yale so obviously I’m gonna use it. It’ll be fun to film some vlogs at the Comic Strip. If you’re not already on the mailing list feel free to join.

So for these two realizations, starting a vlog and being proud of my journey, the Ashram was well worth the $80 a night, mediocre/poor food and Aushwitz inspired wooden plank beds.

Namaste bitches.

Click the image above to see the first edition of Michelle’s Verbal Valium…

[youtube 1AEVf_pzexc]

*Full disclosure I only read half of Linchpin

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