MC- Hamptons



For Purim I Mc’ed and produced a comedy show at a synagogue in Long Island. Sounds simple right? Due to traffic driving there took 2.5 hours and driving home in the rain took about 1.5 hours. I wrote a few jokes specific for purim ie: “People think purim is the Jewish Halloween, it’s not. Jewish Halloween is the day after Halloween when all the costumes are 80% off.”  The purim jokes went over well as did most of the Jew specific jokes. The show was challenging because the front row was filled with chatty children.  Getting heckled by a six year old armed with a whoopy cushion is a lot to handle! It took time for the audience to get focused with all the distractions, but we made it happen and the show was well received. Not an easy show, but we did it! The nicest thing was some of the audience came up to us after and acknowledged how difficult the situation was and told us we did well. It’s rare an audience understands that it’s not an ideal situation for comedy.

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