My New Co-Host!


I host a mic at a comedy club. I hardly ever get laughs at my jokes. Even the ones I know work don’t get laughs. I don’t blame it on me being unfunny, or a bad host it’s the culture of open mics in New York City, for the most part.

Last week I was running late (for the first time)  and two comics covered for me. They co-hosted and it seemed like so much fun. They were playing off each other nicely. And so I was inspired to ask my friend Jessica Brodkin if she would co-host with me. And she did. She has an awesome laugh and her presence changed the dynamic of the room.  At the end of the mic, I publicly asked her a question.  It seemed like I was proposing to her and in a way I was, I asked if she would co-host with me and she said yes! She said yes! And so the dynamic of the mic has changed!

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