My First Stand-up Comedy Audition


I went on a stand-up comedy audition today. I was slightly skeptical about it because the producer and I had no Facebook friends in common. If someone is legitimately in the “biz”, we would have tons of friends in common. Facebook is the LinkedIn for the arts and stalkers. I went to the audition and it was legit. The producer is working with theater companies I am familiar with and is pretty much curating a performance space. For the audition, I did stand up comedy for 2 people, which one would say is weird, but I am getting more comfortable performing for 2 people than for actual crowds. This is probably a bad thing, but good for this particular audition and for a true reflection of where I am at in comedy. The feedback I received from my audition was, I engaged with the crowd, played nicely with the audience, and was professional. I didn’t hear the word funny, but I don’t want to ask for too much! The truth is they were laughing, and I’d rather hear laughs than “you are funny” after a set.

The other strength of my audition is the fact that I would be a great candidate to help book and run shows. I enjoy doing this and am experienced at it. I think/hope that skill set sets me apart from the rest, that and my professionalism. It turns out they booked me to host an upcoming show on March 6th…standby for that blog post!

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