Who Let the Dogs Out


The definition of a professional is being paid to do your job on the days that you don’t feel like doing it. As of today, I am a professional barker, excuse me Brand Ambassador or as I prefer to call it, shmuck on the street. I often bark to get audience members in for my bar show, but today I was paid to bark for an insurance company. Truth is, I am quite effective at it. I have the flyering down pat– you don’t want to shove the flyer in people’s faces, instead, just peak their interest. I keep the flyer out, but I let them come to me to actually grab the pamphlet. Today I did 4 hours of flyering, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when it’s 15 degrees out, it feels like 15 hours . Unfortunately when it comes to enduring the cold I am a baby- so let’s just say I was not afraid to take breaks. I literally couldn’t feel my toes during the 4 hour stint outside.
Every Monday I write a gratitude list and I am from now on adding warmth to it. I am grateful for heaters and shelter. Amen.


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