Sketch Writer – Teenie Boppers


I recently saw a job posting, “Looking for new writers to write sketches for teenage vine and youtube stars. Want to write sketches for them?” Yes! Have I ever written sketches for this age demographic? Nope, but the minute I heard about the job my mind was whizzing with premises! Was it my years working as a teacher in middle and high school? Was it my memories growing up? Was it the seasons of Full House I have watched? Probably all of the above. So far I have written 3 sketches. Do I have the job? No. But I have been told, regardless of if I get the job, it is good “practice writing sketches”. Well truth be told, I am having fun writing them! And according to my “editor” they are pretty good. So far the scripts have been about a dad interviewing his daughter’s new boyfriend, two friends hanging out where one friend is texting the ENTIRE time, and finally one girl has a crush on her friend’s brother and the other friend is crushing on her friend’s cousin. Oh young love! I am having fun with this project but you know what would be even more fun? Getting paid to write them! FINGERS CROSSED!

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