Swag Today Gone Tomorrow

Sometimes I walk into a mic rock'in the *swag. Afterall, I perform regularly at a club and get the occasional additional club spot.  I posted on Facebook that I was performing at Carolines and got 30+ likes-swag.  Unfortunately, said swag is short lived.

At the Caroline's spot my set was mediocre to poor. My family who tells me how it is informed me I didn't play to the audience ie: be in the moment. They were right. Standup comedy is a conversation, a give and take with the audience where their laughter (or lack there of) should have some effect on what I say. This is the major difference between theater and stand up; whereas theater is scripted and the same every show in standup there is room to play. At Carolines my swag was no where to be found. Between not having a "dialogue" with the audience and not selecting my A material my set was drag.

A day later I'm back to the grind doing a show (that turned into a mic), a mic, and then a networking party.  This process is all rather humbling.

Swag ya later.

*"Swag," from the slang word '"swagger," means being or having something cool.

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