Masq 2nd Show- Woah is me


I am sad. I am tipsy.


Tonight was the second night of Masq Qomedy. What a pressure. We wound up having 10 audience members which is respectable. In such a small space it feels packed.  I was stressed because most of the audience consisted of people at the bar who were barked in. I am not confident in the “barked in” model. It’s unreliable and I feel weird charging some people $10 and just letting others walk right in. I can rationalize that those barked in only catch some of the show and therefore shouldn’t pay cover.


I would like to barter with someone– spots in exchange for proofreading my blog.


My set went well (enough) I came up with a new joke based on 1. My mom and her saying “do you have to beg people to come to your show every week?” 2. This guy at the bagel store–

I ordered a poppy and he goes “mammi” umm was this guy for realz?


I had my Creek Mic but since I’m down I didn’t have as much fun as usual. I went from nervous/stressed to sad. Maybe I should stop producing. Never.


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