Thanksiving in Texas

This year I “pre-gamed” Thanksgiving in Texas with my brother and his in-laws. Opportunity to perform in a new city? Yee haw! Any drama attached to the gigs? Yup.  The good: I  booked a spot in an A room, the Houston Improv and a few smaller spots. The bad: A smaller gig conflicted with Saturday night plans to check out Austin. Or in my brother’s lingo, “we are going to miss out on ‘prime time weekend action!”  Really? You’re married with two kids, your days of prime time parties and action are over!
In comedy you have to make sacrifices and this time my brother made the sacrifice and I did the gig. We wound up checking out Austin, but to my brother’s chagrin on a Sunday. He complained we didn’t see the college kids, but we found a really cool bar with live music, a food truck and alcohol so it was a win-win (minus the hot co-eds.)

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