Houston Improv

I performed at the Houston Improv. That sounds sexy don’t it? I should end the blog post here. But this is the Comedy Grind so let’s grind out the truth, ya’ll. I knew the Houston Improv would be a big gig, but l didn’t have an idea it would be 400 people. I also didn’t know it would be an urban room, which is code for black room. So this gig was my 4th urban room and my first time performing for such a big audience. Am I properly setting up the evening? Can we imagine how the set went? The set started out strong, I started by dancing up to the microphone–it’s  surprising to see a white girl have black girl moves. Bam, I got the audience on my side. Then I made a joke saying “when I came in here, the waitress asked if I was looking for Rice University” aka a joke about me being white, bam! From there I had their attention for one or two bits, but after that I lost them. I didn’t bomb, well I guess that depends on how you define bomb, like they didn’t boo me like an Evening at The Apollo and I didn’t get a walking-ovation. But, by the end of the set, most of the audience was talking and not listening. When 5 people start talking that’s one thing, but 380 people talking, now that’s a whole other ball game. Yee haw, groan. After I got off the stage the MC said, “we just had her up to heal the whole Furgeson situation”, at least he got a laugh!

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