The World’s Smallest Violin


Cue the violin music.

A friend of mine got something prestigious in the comedy world. Yes I am happy for him, but I feel more sorry for myself. I’m almost 34 and I just started taking stand-up comedy seriously; I feel like I’m at the bottom of the barrel. It feels like I have nothing substantial going for me. Oy, should this be a blog post or a diary post? Probably the latter, but feeling sad/jealous is a large part of the grind. In an effort to snap out of it, I made a list of things I got:

  • Growth from when I started to now
  • A consistently hard work ethic
  • Hustle
  • Drive
  • Ability to accept feedback/criticism
  • My parents’ support
  • An ability to create stage time for myself and others
  • Producing capabilities
  • A respect for the audience
  • Respect from my colleagues (it could be in my head but that is good enough for me)
  • The ability to create my own opportunities
  • 15 minutes of material

Now would it be nice to have credits and a stamp of approval from others, Hellz yes. Part of me wants to list all my weaknesses and disappointments, but that’s not healthy and only gonna bring me down; I want to move forward.

So I will add one more thing to the list:

  • Perseverance

Do I feel better, I wish I could say YES. But truth is meh. I did write this post, so at least I have that going for me. And I have a show tonight. And I have club spots in Texas this week.

Cut the violin music.

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