The Writing Process Is Painful


The writing process is overwhelming. Why is it overwhelming? It’s never over. I have been forcing myself to write for at least 10 minutes every day. Compared to the 1440 minutes in a day, 10 minutes is chump change. But somehow getting myself to do 10 minutes is such a challenge. Half the time when I’m writing my obligatory 10 minutes it’s either on the subway or it’s a meta stream of consciousness. Ie: I write “The time is 12:32pm I will keep writing until till 12:42pm… There is loud music in this cafe, I’m hungry. I spend too much money. My phone is off charging and I have attempted to grab my phone 3 times. Stop it! The phone is OFF. Who cares if it’s at 23% or 25% battery life. Stay focused. Aah I reached for the phone again! It’s 12:34 eight more minutes till I’m done.” These are NOT JOKES and not useable (err right?). I continue to write this stream of unusable consciousness for the discipline of writing. Like repetitions at the gym the idea is the 10 minutes will transform into 12, 15 etc… but daaaag 10 minutes is hard enough. So let me be consistent with 10 minute every day and I will take it from there. Writing the blog is less painful, that’s because I have something specific to write about or it’s after an emotional experience i.e.: producing a show and I have stuff to spew out! Tonight is the weekend show I produce where I bark the audience in. It has been successful so far so here’s hoping it will be continually successful tonight! I have a road gig this weekend-After getting paid minus gas money I will be lucky if I net $15. I’m not at the point in my career where I can say no to a gig. This post has taken me more than 10 minutes to write. Does it count as my writing for the day? AAAAhh it never ends! Enjoy the ride because no matter where you are in the career the process is the same write, perform, review, repeat.

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