A Day Off

8875127-just-relax-beachEveryone is entitled to a day off right? I didn’t have a gig Saturday night so I opted to go to a friend of a friend’s country house. It was a nice getaway, but I am not used to hanging with civilians. I wound up sleeping a large portion of the time. I did listen to my rough set in Cranbury NJ and came up with a few alternate tags/punchlines. I am hoping to go to a mic & late night to try these new jokes. Between rewrites and getting up Sunday that means I will have gotten some work done this weekend.

I wound up going to the UCB cliquey mic. I didn’t get up, instead felt socially uncool for no reason since I didn’t have a chance to perform. How am I going to achieve my 10,000 hours at this rate? I did manage to purchase a rug a la craigslist. It was double the size I realized so err here’s hoping it fits in my apt. Doh/Double Doh. I am getting up at a friend’s mic in the neighborhood. So take that UCB! Get up 2x

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