Nobody Cares About You, Dirty Jerz

new_jersey_simpleI have a gig tonight in nobody cares Dirty Jerz. Otherwise known as bumble fuck. I’m exhausted it’s between 1-2 hs away and I think I will get the same caliber of gig than as a brooklyn open mic.

But I’m going why? Cuz I gotta make my own mistakes. Turns out it wasn’t a mistake. It was a legit crowd of people who wanted to see a show.

I did get an applause break which was nice, but I started negative. I was angry at the audience for being non-responsive to the other comics, but truth is they were right. The comics that went up were weak and didn’t deserve a strong response. So I learned not to start angry, not to throw out the F-bomb, because that’s not who I am. Most importantly I learned not to blame the audience. Now I’ve heard and read that several times, but sometimes you gotta make your own mistakes.

The car ride back with my comic friends also made the whole trip worth it because we analyzed our sets/ the process. Three cheers for Dirty Jerz!

Afterwards I went to Klimat and negotiated that I would get $1 per drink which is one more $1 than Solas is giving me for my bar show. Bam baby bam! The name of the show is changing from One Flight Up to One Flight down…you can guess why!

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