Another Bar Show- Feeling of Defeat


The grind continues, but I feel defeated. Tonight it became clear to me where I’m at and how far I have to go.

So I started yet another NEW bar show. In some ways it’s great because the people at the bar are a built in audience. It’s not gorilla comedy. The audience actively goes upstairs to see the show, but they are not fully mentally prepared to invest in comedy. The people in the audience that want to have fun do have fun. I guess that’s true for life in general.


I felt uncomfortable up there because I’m not solid on the material. In order to do well at an intimate bar shows you have to do a mix of crowd work and jokes. I did not feel comfortable with this mix. I have a new found respect for how the boyfriend can just barrel through situations like this like a pro.


In an effort to not be one of those people that don’t want to have fun– I’m gonna have fun in a low key way. I’m going to eat shwarma, buy Tostitos (since I ate my roomates), go over my act, read, and go to sleep.


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