Off Beat Physical Poses & Inappopriate Comics

models-in-awkward-poses-34-pics_10Update I’m going to MC the conference in D.C. It’s just going to be one night and – it should be fun!

 I’m trying to work on new material about my move to Astoria. At late night tonight, when the new jokes didn’t land I did off beat physical poses and that seemed to be enough to get a laugh. I think this may start to be my trademark. I may not have the most amazing material, but what I do got is killer physical poses. Take that yoga!

This morning I woke up at 5:30am to work at the front desk at an event. I was happy to work, but I wound up taking a nap in the middle of the day. The nap was definetly justified, but somehow I feel guilty about it. I could go to Lucky Jacks for this mic that runs till 2am, but at this point I should just get a regular night sleep.

Tonight a comic friend of mine asked “how are things going with your boyfriend, are you still having sex?” Waaah?! Lord knows comics are weird. This other comic hugs me way too much and inappropriately whenever I see him at mics. I wanna say there are other female comics here…go be creepy to them. Eek!


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