Masq Qomedy- The Recap


The first edition of Masq Qomedy was a hit, at least according to me! The comics who were supposed to be there showed up. One drop-in comic came who was full of energy and exactly what the show needed. We had just over 10 audience members which was all that I was hoping for. It’s a tight space so it looked packed. Success is not determined by the first show– success is sustainability; meaning how is the show doing 7 weeks from now? Feel free to check back then. Two of my friends from my acting/improv days were in the audience and up for hosting future shows. Having them host will be helpful to me as both a producer and a comic; it will be fun for them…it’s a win win for us all!

After the show, I went to the Creek n’ the Cave to host my mic. Let’s just say Tuesday nights I’m on a performance high. Michelle Slonim likes to run the show!
What else? I got booked on a paid gig in strong island. Whoot.
I got asked to MC a conference in DC, whoot but…the question is… is there pay and if not will I still do the event? TBD. Having fun as I churn this grind!

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