Gotham Comedy – Slonim Takes the Stage


Tonight I performed in the main stage at Gotham comedy club. The room was poppin! I was very nervous and excited. You know who in the room cared about the set besides for me? Noone!  But somehow it still felt like an audition. I happened to know the bouncer and GM who afterwards said ‘nice set’. I am not sure if it was an obligatory ‘good set’ or a legit ‘good set’ probably a mix of both, but I did fine and am proud of myself for just having the opportunity to perform there.

It was a chatty audience even the pros were struggling. There were a bunch of girls from Jersey so any time I felt like I was bombing I shouted ‘where JERSEY at’!  It was a cute save line. I only used it once. I wonder if I said ‘where my white people at” it would have had the same effect.

I was on a serious  performance high afterwards and so I went to a mic. I went from a poppin’ packed room to four drunk people and both were damn fun!


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