What Year Of Comedy Are You In?

Depending on the situation I say I’ve been grinding for one year or dabbling for three years. When I got paid $50 to do a show and the producer asked what year of comedy I was in- I said third year.  When a comedy club expressed interest in me and asked how many years have I been doing comedy– I said three years. After pretty much bombing at the Houston Improv, if anyone had asked what year I’m in I would have said year one. Fortunately noone wanted to talk to me, except for the white waitress who tried to be nice to me by saying ” I understand your humour”. Oy maybe I should I say its my first week in comedy. Interestingly enough, when you first start comedy you round up / lie up, then when you hit a certain number of years, if you’re not “big” you start to round down / lie down. 


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