Masq Qomedy


Tonight is the first of a new weekly comedy show. I have been stressed and nervous all week and now that it’s the day of– I am calm. There isn’t much I can do. There are a few producer things I need to do today, but I also want to go over my act.


When I have the choice of going over my act or doing producer work I tend to choose the latter– administrative work does not require that I amĀ  vulnerable.


It’s great that I’m no longer stressed about the show. In fact I got a kick out of today. The most “prestigious” comic on the lineup bailed. Another bailed because he got a paid gig, then that gig got cancelled so he asked to be back on the lineup. He’s on.


Another comedian who also produces a lot bailed- I had a feeling and totally get it. Finally another comic who drinks a lot– I haven’t heard back from. The adventure continues.


A handful of tickets have been sold and I expect a few walkins. If we have 10 audience members I will consider the evening a success. Most importantly it’s freeing to know that I’ve done all that I could and the rest is out of my hands.


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