Comedy Optimism

optimism3Today was my free bar show, One Flight Up. We had about 20 people attend. I don’t get a cut from the bar and though it would only be 20 bucks if that — I deserve it. I am looking into alternate bar venues. Is it so wrong to be paid?!
Teacher Wali Collins headlined and he killed it. He’s so expressive it’s hilarious.
I ran to late night with all my Cowgirl hate glory and since I was rolling with 2 friends I got put up #3, technically 2.5. It’s a status thing. You sign up for late night by 10:00pm then the owner Richie reorganizes the list based on well whatever he wants! The earlier you get up the better because the audience slowly weans away. After 3 hours of comedy, I don’t blame them! Tomorrow is morrreee packing! Living the dream… got a long way to go but having fun! Don’t ask me how I feel 20 minutes from now… but feeling good now! Get Up 3x

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