Vlog #2- Identity Crisis

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 5.36.50 PMHere is Verbal Valium #2! Whoot whoot! The theme is identity crisis. Who do I want to be on stage? A dolled up version of myself or the nice jewish girl whose eye makeup is often smudgy? These are questions I ask myself on a regular basis, that and is this joke funny, or do I have a punchline for this premise? Stand-up comedy is HARRRD.

I’m going to the Comic Strip tonight to work on the new bit about my hard core depressive episode. When the audience laughs I’m like you’re a bunch of assholes, but the truth is I want to hear the laughs. If there are no laughs then I’m the asshole. You can’t win!! It’s a mixed bag since this material is so personal to me.

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